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How we can help you

Peace Movement Aotearoa is the national networking group for people interested in peace, humanitarian disarmament, human rights, social justice and climate justice. We can assist you, or your group, by:

  • Providing information for you to use
  • We receive information about concerns, campaigns, activities and events from individuals and groups here in Aotearoa / New Zealand, in the Pacific, and all around the world.

    As news, views and reports arrive in our office they are sorted and stored so we can easily retrieve what you want on a specific topic. The range of information we receive is so extensive that it is always worth contacting us to check if we have something about the focus of your interest - if we don't, then we can usually tell you who will have it.

    If you have an ongoing interest in a particular subject, then we can arrange for all up-to-date news on that topic to be sent to you at regular intervals. We can forward information to you by email or in paper form. This service is available free to members - unless it involves large amounts of paper, in which case we may ask for a contribution towards the cost of copying and postage. This is particularly useful for those who do not have direct access to email lists - we provide this service specifically because we are concerned about the way electronic communication can exclude people from knowledge.

    In addition, we regularly research and publish Action Alerts, Backgrounders and Updates on peace and social justice issues. All of our publications are available in text form as an email message, in paper form, and on our web site.

  • Publicising what you are up to
  • We can publicise your events, campaigns, actions, resources you have to share, resources you'd like others to share with you, your concerns, news, views, and ideas, and help you to share information you consider important with other interested individuals and groups.

    We can distribute your news and views via our email lists, Action Alerts, on our web site, and social media.

    This key service requires your full co-operation because you need to send us your news, views, resources and so on or we can't publicise it!

    We can reach the people who are going to be the most interested in what you have to say, and we can reach the people who are most likely to act on your information, support your campaign, and attend your meeting or event.

    More information about our work is available here. If you would like to join Peace Movement Aotearoa, receive information from us, or support our work, please print off the form here and return it to us, or contact us by email. Thank you.

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