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membership and mailing list form

If you wish to join Peace Movement Aotearoa, or go on our mailing lists (you do not have to be a member to receive information from us), please print off this form, tick the appropriate boxes, write your contact details clearly, and post it to us. If you want to go on the No WARP! mailing list only, please use this form.

[   ] I / we wish to join and agree to support the aims of Peace Movement Aotearoa; or
[   ] I / we do not wish to join, but would like to go on the Peace Movement Aotearoa mailing list (please tick relevant box);

[   ] Please add me / us to the Peace Movement Aotearoa Action Alert email lists.

[   ] Please add me / us to the No WARP! (Network Opposed to Weapons and Related Production) mailing list.

Peace Movement Aotearoa is funded by donations from individuals and groups. There is no subscription charge for membership or to go on our email lists, and all contributions towards our costs are gratefully received - please give as generously as you can. We provide a receipt for all donations.

[   ] I / we enclose a donation of $ ______________ to help Peace Movement Aotearoa’s work, a receipt is / is not required for this (please circle one).

[   ] please send me / us details of how I / we can become a Peace Movement
Aotearoa pledger and give regular donations to support your work.

Name / Group : _______________________________________

Address : ___________________________________________




Phone : ___________________ Fax : _____________________

Email : _____________________________________________

Please post with your cheque (made payable to Peace Movement Aotearoa) to The Secretary, Peace Movement Aotearoa, PO Box 9314, Wellington 6141. Thank you.