No NZ support for the 'war on terrorism'

We the undersigned condemn all forms of terrorism, including state terrorism, and support all those responsible for terrorist acts being brought to justice.

We completely oppose the US government's 'war on terrorism' which has resulted in the deaths of, and injuries to, thousands of civilians in Afghanistan. We are horrified that the US government has now declared a 'second front' in South East Asia; and by their increasingly aggressive preparations to launch a new war against the people of Iraq. It is inevitable that as the 'war on terrorism' spreads, civilian casualties will continue to increase.

We are appalled at the US and British governments' threats to humanity by the use of nuclear terror, in particular their stated willingness to use nuclear weapons against the people of Iraq, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Libya.

We reject the NZ government's military and political support for the 'war on terrorism', and the link between this support and the advancement of 'free' trade agreements.


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Supported by: Catholic Worker Movement Aotearoa, Centre for Justice and Peace Development, Global Peace and Justice Auckland, Indonesia Human Rights Committee, Magdalena Aotearoa, National Consultative Committee on Disarmament, Nelson Peace Group, Pax Christi Aotearoa-NZ, Peace Action Wellington, Peace Council Aotearoa, Peace Foundation, Peace Movement Aotearoa, PET Southernstar Associates, Socialist Worker, Trade Aid Movement of Aotearoa/NZ, Urban Vision Social Action Group, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Aotearoa). Please return signed copies to PMA, PO Box 9314, Wellington. Final deadline is 18 February 2003. This petition is available on-line at